Happy 1, 2 & 3 year Anniversary

May 4th of 2020 was set to be a great day of celebration here at the Airway Heights Recreation Center. It would officially mark the one-year anniversary of the opening of a community facility built on bringing people and families together focused on fun and fitness. Unfortunately in March, a global pandemic had started, shutting down public facilities and changing our lives. After only 287 days of open operation, the brand-new Recreation Center doors were locked, missing the chance to celebrate our 1 year anniversary with our members, guests, and community. 

On February 1st, 2021, 322 days later, the doors reopened to the community. We welcomed back many familiar faces ready to get back to the pool, on to the fitness floor, and in the gymnasium. This reopening was met with many challenging restrictions, reservations, capacity limits, and limited operating hours. By May 4th of 2021 many things had changed, and the uncertainty that loomed overshadowed our 2nd anniversary date.

Amidst the challenging mandates and restrictions, and changes to operations and offerings, we persisted, working to provide a welcoming, safe environment, for individuals and families. Now in 2022, the building is feeling full again. More and more community members reengaging in getting active, healthy, and happy. We have expanded AM and PM operating hours, and child watch for the weekday mornings. We are, quite literally, seeing smiling faces, and that is an incredible source of motivation. 

This year, on May 4th, we are excited to say Happy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Anniversary! While we are not quite ready to hold a full celebration, we feel it’s important to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our members and guests that have been with us during the last three years. Your patience and understanding has been a driving force behind how our staff have approached each day. Thank you for all your support, trust, and loyalty. We look forward to the future and continuing to bring more opportunities for our community here at the Airway Heights Recreation Center.