Park Improvements

The City Council has authorized improvements to Landreth Park, Shorty Combs Park, and the Recreation Complex. We will be finishing up the improvements to Landreth Park and Shorty Combs Park this summer.  mprovements to Landreth Park were initiated last summer with the installation of fitness equipment around the trail system, the addition of more trees, and improving the grass by reseeding the entire park. The final touches on the improvements planned for now will be the installation of benches and additional garbage receptacles throughout the park.  

The benches and trash receptacles were ordered last spring but with the supply chain delays as a result of the COVID pandemic, the manufacturing and shipping of these items has been delayed multiple times. We anticipate these items will ship in the next couple of weeks and will be working to get them installed as soon as we can, weather permitting.    

The improvements to Shorty Combs Park will include updating the playground with new play equipment and fall protective material. Replacing degraded picnic tables and benches, the removal of the deteriorated bathroom, removal of the remaining dead trees, upgrades to the irrigation system and turf area, seal coating and re-striping the basketball court.  

The work at Shorty Combs is already underway. We have removed the old playground, fall protective material, and playground borders in preparation for the installation of the new equipment. The site furnishings have been ordered and we are hoping that the significant delays with the supply chain are beginning to return to a more normal turnaround on deliveries.  We will complete a similar process for what was done last year at Landreth by completed a process known as fraise mowing, followed with a reseeding of the turf areas.  

The improvements planned for the Recreation Complex will be adding a foul line, home run fencing, and dugouts to the baseball/softball field. Staff applied for a grant from the Spokane Parks Foundation (SPF) and the City Council has authorized matching funds to assist with completing this project.