My Rec Story: MIA

My Rec Story


This is Mia. She is an amazing, fun loving and energetic little girl that loves spending her days after school in the Lil’ Rec’ers program at the Airway Heights Rec Center. The program gives Mia the opportunity to experience positive engagement with her peers and program staff through activities, and play, everyday. Mia though has a speech delay that limits her communication with others, but ever since she started in the Li’ Rec’ers she has grown leaps and bounds, and is now able to better communicate with other kids. Mia has become more expressive with verbal communication, and is now really coming into her own since she started attending the after school program. Now Mia has her own little community with a routine, new friends, and the support of the amazing staff members that care for her. We are thankful for all the love that she has received, and all the progress she has made. She has developed life skills, and is thriving in the environment the program offers.