My Rec Story: Irene Jones

For multiple years I have battled chronic knee and back pain, leading to the use of a cane to help me get around. At the advice and encouragement of my physical therapist, I decided to try swimming to help improve my health with the hope of reducing the pain and constant struggle to move.  In August I began using the new Airway Heights Recreation Center, swimming in the warm water therapy pool and lazy river. In the beginning I just floated and kicked my legs, but within a few weeks I was showing improvement. Soon I was participating in the Water Exercise Classes. At first I couldn’t do all the exercises, but the wonderful instructors encouraged me to do what I could and not to feel bad about what I couldn’t do. During my daily visits, the lifeguards often invited me to classes and showed me routines I could do for strength and balance.

In September I journeyed upstairs to the Fitness Center and met Jared. Jared helped me by explaining and demonstrating exercises I could do to strengthen my knee even more, and do some preventive exercises to avoid future problems. It wasn’t long before I began training with him. Since then the improvement has been amazing. I now walk upright, and cane-free. I can take care of chores at home and grocery shop on my own. I owe a great deal of this success and improvement to Rec Center Aquatics and Fitness staff for their care and compassion in getting me (and others like me) on the right track.

I love coming to the Rec Center where a warm greeting is waiting for me when I arrive.  Most of the Aquatics and Fitness Team know my name and the improvements I am striving for.  They often encourage me and are always kind and helpful. The atmosphere is positive, and I feel “at home” when I am there. There is no place I’d rather go to for help.  I feel the new Parks and Rec Center is a amazing benefit to the community and has helped a large amount of people find a better quality of life.

Thank You to the all the Airway Heights Parks & Rec Staff!