Letter from the Director (Winter / Spring 2020)

     During my 19 year career here in Airway Heights, it has never been more obvious that the citizens of the City of Airway Heights place a high value on their parks and recreation facilities and programs. They recognize the importance of these services as a major contributor to property values, mental and physical health, and to the quality of life of the community and greater West Plains region. In 2020 the Airway Heights Park Advisory Board and Parks & Recreation staff will begin leading an effort to update the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The Master Plan is intended to help meet the needs of current and future residents by positioning the City to build on the community’s unique parks and recreation assets as well as identify new opportunities for people of all ages. The citizen driven six-year plan establishes a clear direction and path for the Parks & Recreation Department staff, Park Advisory Board, and elected officials in their efforts to enhance the community’s parks and recreation programs, services, and facilities. At the core of the plan is the input and guidance received from the community. This process will begin with a citizen survey that will be implemented through a variety of outlets, opportunities, and venues available to those who wish to participate over the course of 2020.  

     Planning is vital to the success of providing recreational opportunities. Our priority is to engage people to help ensure that the right actions are taken for the right reasons at the right time. Public participation is a fundamental part of this effort. The data we collect will strengthen the results of this planning effort and will help prioritize our needs and the actions we should pursue. It will also ensure continuity of direction as elected officials change and help us be more efficient with limited resources and funding. The Park Advisory Board will hold a series of public meetings to share the information gleaned from the survey with citizens and community stakeholders.

     As we kickoff another year we hope the start of 2020 offers all our residents, members, and guests plenty of opportunities for getting healthy, finding new a passion, and getting involved in this wonderful community.

Enjoy our next round of Programs, Activities, and Events.

Thank you and Happy New Year!