Summer 2021 Director’s Letter

The past year has transformed nearly every aspect of our world. Our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors have had their lives changed in critical ways that promise to have long-lasting effects. Living through a global pandemic has driven dramatic shifts in our jobs, social interactions, eating habits, childcare, and even our collective sense of time. Virtually no one has been left untouched after 12 months of such dramatic disruption. A generous dose of empathy and understanding of that truth will make us all stronger as we rebuild and remake our community in the year ahead.
COVID-19 abruptly upended our lives last year, it separated us, almost completely, from our routines
and the events that usually root our lives in time-work, school, dates, social outings, sports events, ceremonies, community events, and travel. All the things we plan for and look forward, to. Life tends to be a blur without these anchors. In February we were able to finally re-open
the doors of the Recreation Center. Since then we have been busy reflecting, rethinking, rebuilding, an,,d most
of all working on how we can best reconnect with all of you and once again have something to plan and look forward to. We have scheduled programs that we can run within the guidelines mandated by the Washington State Department of Health keeping the health and safety of our members and staff at the forefront of our planning efforts.
We are excited to finally welcome back summer! The lost summer of 2020 put a stop so many things, we missed our regular programs, our fun traditions, and, most of all, our community members that we are driven to serve. We hope to help the community find renewed pleasure in little things that build a reintroduced sense of community that is fostered by a sense of understanding, empathy, and compassion for each other. The programs we are working on will provide the opportunity for participants to have some fun, smile, and be positive. It is challenging operating under the cur,rent restrictions that we are forced to adhere to, but things will get better. We are all experiencing fatigue and frustration. We are resilient and together we will come back AH Strong-er!

Thank you for your continued support,

J.C. Kennedy
Parks & Recreation Director