My Rec Story: A Swim Lesson Success Story!

Our family has been attending swim lessons at the Rec Center for about 5 years, starting with my son in the Parent-Tot Splash n’ Play class and progressing through each level, and now with my daughter. While my son loved every minute, it was my daughter that we were skeptical about. Although ok with being in the water, she has serious stranger danger. So, trying to overcome her fear of strangers and separation anxiety while allowing herself to fully participate in an instructor led class with other kids was sure to be a challenge. 

On the first day of class she was nervous and resistant to fully participate and engage with others, even needing daddy to be nearby in the water with her. While we expected slow progress, it was our instructor Trish that turned things around. Trish was amazing at putting her at ease so quickly! She was able to get her to participate and even smile by the second class.  This never happens with my daughter! By the third class she was enjoying herself so much, it was like “goodbye dad and mom!” as she entered the water for class. She was fully engaged in learning and looking forward to going! Now that we’ve completed the lessons, she is begging me to sign her up for more. She learned so much, and her progress in the water and in her interactions were amazing.

Thank goodness for Trish’s positive approach, and creativity with each lesson, allowing her to learn something that could be scary, can be fun. Now my daughter spends all her time in the pool practicing what she learned, and the confidence she gained in both social settings and swimming is invaluable. Thank you so much!