Old Sunset Park Restroom Demolition

After a long wait we are finally happy to report that we have removed the old restroom structure from Sunset Park. This project was initiated in 2014, when the new restroom structure and splash pad were installed on east side of Sunset Park. 

Over the last 9 years city staff faced several challenges that needed to be addressed before demolition and debris removal could be completed. The old structure housed Spokane County’s emergency communications equipment that relayed emergency notifications to all communities on the West Plains. Recently Spokane County finally upgraded their system making this equipment obsolete and removed their equipment alleviating this problem. The old structure also housed the telemetry communications used by the Public Works Department to monitor the water levels in the water tower at Sunset Park that regulates water pressure for the majority of the community. The Public Works Department relocated their telemetry system to the base of the water tower earlier this year paving the way for this long-awaited project to finally happen.

What we have now is more grassy open space for the community to enjoy, and an eye sore removed from our City’s most popular and active park.