The 4Rec Youth Sports program is about providing an opportunity for kids to enjoy playing sports with their friends, learning teamwork and effort, and developing a passion for playing sports for fun.

Bradyen Bahme modeled what it means to be a 4Rec Youth Sports athlete. Brayden cared about learning new skills, and being the best player he could be for his team and his coaches. He was a true team player who always supported his teammates regardless of their skills and abilities. Brayden was a competitor with a fire inside him to give it his best effort all the time.

Since 2012 at the age of 5, Brayden played every season of youth sports with Airway Heights Parks & Recreation, until he aged out at 12, and moved on to middle school and eventually high school athletics. Soccer, basketball, football, and even golf, Brayden played it all. He loved trying new things and playing all positions. Brayden also loved playing for his dad, Steve, who volunteered countless seasons to coach youth sports here in Airway Heights. Even after his four kids, Gabe, Brayden, Aaron, and Kensy aged out and moved on to the next level and other activities, Steve stayed coaching, and sharing his passion for football and basketball with kids. Brayden more often than not, could be found out there helping his dad coach, giving back and sharing his passion for play. Brayden is the model for what youth sports is all about: team, effort, sporsmanship, and fun.

This fall, the four communities of the 4Rec Youth Sports programs will honor Brayden’s passion for play with a special “BB” badge on every youth sports jersey.

Thank you Brayden!