My Rec Story: Gordon Miller

Gordon Miller

The desire and need to exercise for many is easily attached to feeling healthy and strong, to benefit other aspects their lives. For others it may be the socializing with familiar faces, as well as the opportunity to meet new people. For 72 year old Gordon Miller, joining the Rec Center was both, but with an added and unexpected benefit.

A member since July 2019, Gordon and his wife joined the Rec Center together to begin strengthening his surgically repaired shoulder in order to feel good enough to enjoy an active retirement. Like many, his fitness routine was derailed in March of 2020, forcing him to try the at home fitness routine. Unfortunately, at-home wasn’t cutting it, costing him the strength and endurance he had worked hard to build.

In early 2022 the Miller’s re-activated their membership, ready to pick up where they left off. Gordon jumped right back into Silver & Strong to regain his strength, and reengage with the people. Not long after Gordon’s return to exercise, his strength and endurance would be unexpectedly tested. While out on a daily walk with Fire, his 8 year-old blue heeler, Gordon was surprised by two loose dogs that began to attack Fire. While Fire still sustained severe injuries, it was Gordon’s newly regained strength and stamina that he credits for the ability to fend off the attacking dogs until a neighbor came to help. Thanks to the consistent aerobic activity, weights and boxing elements of the Silver & Strong class, Gordon was able to give it his all to save Fire from worse injuries.

Today, Fire is doing just fine, and Gordon is still attending class, getting stronger each day and prepared for whatever unexpected test he may be up for next.