Community Member Spotlight – Police Chief Lee Bennett

This December, Police Chief Lee Bennett will retire after proudly serving in law enforcement for 39 years, the last 16 here in the City of Airway Heights. Chief Bennett came to Airway Heights in March of 2003 focused on improving safety and quality of life in a growing city, as well as building a dedicated professional police force that could meet the needs of the residents and business community. ChiefBennett has worked tirelessly to gain the trust and respect of citizens, the City Council, staff, and local businesses with a special emphasis on protecting children and vulnerable adults. Chief Bennett has longsupported Parks & Recreation, and been one of the biggest advocates for the department. During his tenure with the City he also served as Interim City Manager in 2007 and 2008 and has also served asDeputy City Manager in the absence of the City Manager. During histime as Interim City Manager, Chief Bennett recognized a disconnectin parks maintenance and recreation programming operating asseparate services in two different city departments and advocated for the merging maintenance duties under one department to better serve the citizens by forming a true Parks & Recreation Department.It was his foresight and vision for what this department could bring to our residents, and his unwavering support, that has guided this department and City to where we are at today.

Thank You Chief Bennett for your service to our community.